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The Encore Academy is here to provide workshops, resources and connections that will help you discover and launch your Encore career!


Transition Masters

May 1
Transition MastersTransition Masters is a unique, proven successful program that develops job search presentation skills so people can enrich their lives with the work they want! This free program is being offered beginning on May 1st, in partnership with Encore Tampa Bay. Once you know what type of Encore work you prefer – we can help you get there!

New program begins May 1 at the Brandon Recreation Center. For more details, and to register, go to the Transition Masters website at www.transitionmasters.org

Nine Steps to Landing Your Perfect Job

Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Looking for a new job? Don’t update your resume!

If writing or updating your resume and sending it out to numerous companies is not how you should begin your search, then where should you begin? This workshop answers this question and more. In this workshop you will discover Nine Steps to Landing Your Perfect Job.
Join Lisa Huetteman, author, entrepreneur and co-founder of Black Diamond Associates, for this practical and informative session.


Generation to Generation is a new, five-year  national campaign to mobilize 1 million people over 50 to stand up for kids, support innovative pilots to bring generations together in ways that make lives better for all, and advance the national conversation on what can be accomplished when generations come together. Most importantly, Generation to Generation will change millions of lives.

Bevan's interview with Marianne Oehser, CRC, MM, Certified Retirement Coach from Transitioning into Retirement

- What an encore is
- How to go about deciding what you want yours to be like
- What some of the fears and challenges are
- What skills-based volunteering is
- How to find a volunteer opportunity that fits you

Recent Articles from the Blog

Preparing for the Unexpected – Guest Blog by Joanne Sullivan

I did not realize it, but I have been preparing to be unemployed for over twenty years.  Good fortune allowed me to live in the same city for several decades.   Wonderful career opportunities provided me with the chance to meet and know extraordinary people.  Love of my community propelled me into volunteer service with marvelous organizations.  Without realizing it, I built a powerful network of … [Read More...]

If you believe you can do it, you can! Arlene Grosso’s story

Part of the Encore Story Project Series Written by Tory Wilgar, Encore Story Reporter   Arlene Grosso, Age 70! …And she did! In 2015, Arlene’s mom passed away at the age of 100 years.  For 2 ½ years Arlene had been travelling back and forth from St. Pete to Chicago while her mom’s dementia consistently got worse.  Sometimes she would stay for a month.  She really wasn’t able to … [Read More...]

Volunteering Virtually

Many of us sixty-somethings (who inspired the Thirtysomething TV show) are happiest doing meaningful work that values our skills and knowledge. We intend to keep working as long as it’s gratifying and we are mentally and physically fit, no doubt assisted by our frequent trips to the gym and triathlon participation, right? [smile] Sometimes as freelancers or employees, we do paid work, other … [Read More...]