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Tampa Bay Generation to GenerationGeneration to Generation Tampa Bay is a regional innovation partner in a national five year campaign, launched in 2016 by Encore.org. The goal of this national campaign is to mobilize one million adults over the age of 50 in a purposeful movement to improve the lives of children in our country.

We believe that older adults who have the time, talent and experience can be our greatest asset in tackling some of the critical challenges facing the children in our community. Our campaign will advance the conversation on what can be accomplished when the young and the old come together, but also to set a new standard of community involvement and volunteer engagement of older adults.


Bevan's interview with Marianne Oehser, CRC, MM, Certified Retirement Coach from Transitioning into Retirement

- What an encore is
- How to go about deciding what you want yours to be like
- What some of the fears and challenges are
- What skills-based volunteering is
- How to find a volunteer opportunity that fits you

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